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Our purpose

To drive growth and prosperity in North America by fostering investment and business opportunities.

Our  vision

To be a global leader in connecting North America to the world and a facilitator for companies seeking to invest and do business internationally.

Connecting ideas



Connect innovative ideas that help the world drive change.

  • Be hungry & be simple

  • Take leaps forward & overcome challenges

  • Be creative & think different

Connect our clients with solutions that add value.

  • Be driven by our client’s success & growth

  • Think big & deliver results

  • Create relationships & earn trust

Connect people to our culture that promotes service and cultivates constant growth.

  • Be an active learner & team player

  • Seek the highest standards & do the right thing

  • Be people for others & love what you do


Helping our clients to establish their operations in Mexico.

Our international & innovative


Our innovative mindset allows us to offer our community with a wide range in solutions, from energy to digital transformation to trade to sheltering. Our experience and expertise allows us to offer our clients with integral services that fit all their supply chain needs.

We connect

Connecting North America and the world drives us as a team.


We are a forward looking organization, motivated to ensure that businesses invest in Mexico with certainty. In our 80 years operating, we have connected more than 2,000 clients from 180 countries to Mexico, developed 265 manufacturing facilities, and employed over 465,000 people.

Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City
Mexico City

Your one-stop-shop

Nexus is your one-stop-shop for nearshore investing in Mexico. We ensure that everyone receives a personalized quality service and care for the value that we deliver to our stakeholders.


We are a consulting firm that provides legal and operational support with supply chain management, investment development, energy, technology, and real estate solutions for companies that want to invest, expand, and operate in Mexico.


Nexus team

Víctor André Gamas Mayer


Víctor is the Director for the Mexican Business Chamber of Trade, Investment, and Technology (COMCE) in Sonora, where he develops projects for companies across sectors trading and investing in Mexico. Victor is also a frequent speaker to promote investment, digital innovation, and trade.


Víctor has worked for DC consulting firm McLarty Associates, the IMF's Fiscal and Customs Affairs Department, the Mexican Embassy in DC, the US Senate, and consulted for political campaigns in the US and Mexico. He is also a member of the “Cuarto de Junto”, charged with implementing the USMCA in Mexico.


Víctor holds a bachelor’s degree in Global Business from Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service, an MBA from the Boston College, and a certificate in Developmental Economics from the London School of Economics.


Víctor Hugo Gamas


Víctor is the Director of Gamas Group, President of the COMCE in Sonora, and Founder and Vice President of the Boys and Girls Club of Nogales. Additionally, he is a representative of the foreign trade sector before the US CEO Dialogue and the Mexican private sector's “Cuarto de Junto”.


Víctor has held several leadership roles in the past 30 years. He was President of the CAAAREM and of the Nogales U.S. Customs Brokers Association. He also founded and served as President of the Nogales Business Council.


Víctor is an experienced advisor to several private and public agencies. He was a consultant for the customs modernization of SkyBridge project, for the development of smart ports in Mexico with PITA project, for anticorruption issues of the Mexican Government, for global customs and global trade facilitation before the WTO and ASAPRA, among many others. In 2013,


Víctor negotiated the Customs Law and most recently, he negotiated the USMCA as a member of the “Cuarto de Junto”.


Víctor is a licensed Customs Broker in Mexico and holds a bachelor’s degree in Customs and Foreign Trade, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Public Accounting from the ITESM.

Nexus team

Tania Rodea García

Director of Consulting

Tania assists with companies and governments in facilitating trade and customs administration the Director of Consulting for Xinergia Global and Gamas Group. She has also served as a Trade Advisor for Mexico City Airport’s Customs Brokers Association, Customs Compliance Manager for DHL Mexico, and General Coordinator for Federal Delegations for the Mexican Ministry of Economy.


Tania collaborates with SAT officials as an interlocutor for businesses in different operational and technological projects in Mexican customs. She advises Latin American governments in their implementation of of SEZs, pre-validation projects, and non-intrusive inspections. Additionally, she frequently participates in forums and coordinates corporate training programs for COMCE and ASAPRA.


Tania holds a Law Degree focused on Fiscal Affairs from the Universidad Autónoma de México (UNAM). She also holds certificates from IMECE and CAAAREM.

Nexus team

Miguel Lizárraga Espinoza

IT Director

Miguel is an experienced Director Of Information Technology with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics and supply chain industry. He has a track record of assisting companies in the maquiladora and exporting industry comply with customs regulations and integrate digital processes.


He is an expert in Business Processes, Negotiation, Operations Management, Analytical Skills, Blockchain, IoT, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


He also administrates and develops 3PL warehouses, along with coordinating door-to-door logistics solutions. Miguel holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree focused in Computer Science Engineering from the Instituto Tecnológico de Nogales.

Nexus team

Joaquín González

Business Development

Joaquín González is a Mexican Customs Officer that serves at the Customs Modernization Administration. He was in charge of the improvement and development of the Mexican Single Window (VUCEM) at SAT and is an expert advisor on Single Window Environment for the WCO since 2017.


Joaquín supports progress of trade facilitation by actively participating in multiple regional and international committees, such as Latin American and Caribbean Economic System (SELA), IADB, and the WCO Data Model Projects. He also leads the implementation of the Certificate Interoperability and Customs Declarations of the Pacific Alliance.


In 2016 Joaquín was designated by the World Bank as a consultant for e- Manifest in Central America. Before joining Customs, he served as a Ministry of Commerce (Economy) on the authorization of License, Permits, Certificates, and other non-tariff regulations.


Joaquín holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business from the Champagnat University and a Multimodal Logistics and International Business Degree.

Nexus team

Carlos Sierra Lara

Business Development

Carlos is one of Mexico’s leading technology, telecommunications, and electronic security consultants. He founded Sierra Comunicaciones in 1995, focused on assisting the maquiladora industry meet their technological and security requirements. In 2010, Sierra co-founded Connexum reaching clients in manufacturing, mining, and commercial centers. Additionally, he opened the Sierra Store in 2015 to provide a storefront service to showcase his technological products in Sonora.


Carlos is a graduate of the National College of Professional Technical Education (CONALEP) with a technical degree in Computer Maintenance and Control Systems. Moreover, he obtained a certificate in Business Administration from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.


He is a certified representative and distributor for the world’s leading technology brands, such as Avaya, Cisco, Pelco, Kenwood, Hikvision, Panduit and Motorola.

Nexus team

Raúl Carbajal Moreno

Public Relations

Raúl is an experienced marketing and public relations executive, working with companies across industries for over 30 years. He applies technological tools and a strong network of relations in private and public sector circles to assist clients expand into new markets, grow their sales, and improve their public affairs. He is Gamas Group’s Marketing Manager, where he has led projects to expand the Group’s service offerings and special projects.


Most recently, Raúl has worked with Xinerxia Global’s development in Mexico City, Verify Cargo’s growth in Asia, and Gamas’s offices in Hermosillo, Tijuana, and Nogales. Inclusively, he assists clients by designing their integral supply chain needs.


Raúl is currently COMCE Sonora’s Vice President, and has served as the Director of the Boys and Girls Club in Nogales, Sonora and as President of CANACO Servytur  (Services and Tourism Chamber of Commerce) in Nogales, Sonora. He has also been a consultant for political campaigns and local governments for 20 years.

Nexus team

Yazmin Barraza Tánori

Project Director

Yazmin is an experienced Foreign Trade and Project Development consultant. She has served as Purchasing Coordinator for GM, Project Coordinator for Cisgo Consultoría, and is currently leading strategic projects for Gamas Group.


Yazmin participated as an investment consultant for PROMEXICO and the Embassy of Mexico in Singapore to strengthen bilateral relationship between both countries.


Yazmin graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) in Sonora with a degree in International Business. She holds a certificate in Business and Marketing from Singapore Management University’s Business School.

Nexus team

Diana Vásquez

Accounting Director

Diana leads Nexus accounting, where she provides tax advisory and compliance services to companies. With the support of a team of experts in business administration and accounting, she provides support in internal control and develops financial strategies to strengthen resource management.


Diana also leads, oversees and advises companies on various procedures with the three levels of government. She analyzes and implements new legal provisions for companies.


Diana holds a bachelor’s degree in Accounting, with a specialization in taxes, from the Technological Institute of Nogales (ITN).

Nexus team

Alfredo Terán Berumen

Supply Chain Director

Alfredo supports, manages, and improves customers’ supply chain through global integrated warehousing and transportation services. He participates in the development, planning, and logistics execution of European and Asian projects. He also advices on tariffs, tariff classification, and compliance with regulations and restrictions.


Before joining Nexus, Alfredo worked at ProMéxico - a government agency that promoted international trade and investment. One of his main activities was counseling and mentoring companies to encourage them to export their products.


Alfredo graduated from the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM) in Sonora with a degree in International Business. He is a certified IATA Cargo Agent and he also holds a certificate in Economics and Supply Chain Management from the Business School of HSD Düsseldorf University Of Applied Sciences.

Nexus team

José Ángel Islas

Audiovisual Content Manager

José Ángel is a professional videographer and photographer who helps brands to give a face and voice to their business, and to increase engagement on their digital and social channels through high-quality, professional video and photography services.


José Angel has worked for important local brands, such as Bacanora Aguamiel, Las Riberas Residencial, Kwick Art Supplies, among others. He also served as a videographer, video editor and animator at DVL Film House, the most important video production agency in Sonora. Before that José Ángel lead Parque La Ruina’s  (Hermosillo’s largest gastronomic park) audiovisual content creation.


José Ángel masters the use of a variety of video editing tools and photo editing applications such as Premiere Pro, After Effects, Cinema 4D, DaVinci Resolve, and Photoshop.


Jose Ángel holds a degree in Architecture from the Universidad de Sonora.

Nexus team

Arturo Salazar Bustamante

Business Development

Arturo is a business developer and a photovoltaic energy system specialist for residential projects, private, and public entities. He has developed solar energy projects for the public sector, specifically in squares, universities, and sport units.


Arturo is a frequent speaker on topics of ecological awareness in private and public schools. He has given over 100 conferences on the environment and sustainable development, stimulating discussion among students.


Arturo has more than 10 years of experience in the production of social, business, political, art, and cultural events in the state of Sonora. He also participated in the development of social impact projects in the program “Jóvenes Sonorenses de 100“ through the Ministry of Education and Culture of Sonora, Sonoran Youth Institute, and the Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars.


Arturo holds a degree in Business Administration from Unilider University in Sonora.

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