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Mexico’s energy industry, especially gas, solar, and wind turbines, is one of the many growing manufacturing investments in the country. Particularly, Mexico’s solar industry is viewed as the best location in all of North America for its large quantities of land in sunny areas, a diversely skilled labor pool, and its proximity to the United States and Canada. The country has more than 40 million electricity customers, and with a growing population comes a growing demand for power, representing a significant potential untapped renewable energy resources.

Energy industry

About 23% of the country’s 73 gigawatts of installed capacity is renewable energy, including hydropower, wind, geothermal, biomass, and solar. This figure is close to the global average for renewable energy capacity of 24%, but well below the Latin American average of 50%. Mexico is among the top 10 destinations in the world for new clean energy investment, bringing in more $4 billion. 


Potential renewable energy sources could be expanded to meet both existing and incremental demand for electricity. In line with the growth of Mexico’s gross domestic product (GDP), its power demand is growing at about 3% per year, mainly from residential and industrial consumers.

Nexus ensures the success of solar companies manufacturing, investment, and market expansion in Mexico. With Nexus, manufacturers comply with international safety and process standards, an IMMEX certification, and skilled workforce. Additionally, companies are able to work with Nexus’s team of experts to make their processes more efficient with the latest software and hardware technologies. Furthermore, our team of expert consultants ensure that your operations comply with local regulations and are frequently audited, as well as supporting you by devising strategies for institutional relations with key actors and implementing marketing opportunities to grow your presence in Mexico.

With information from the Inter-American Dialogue

Energy industry
Energy industry




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