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Half of the world’s population lives in cities today –  that could rise to 5 billion people by 2030. To manage this growth, city authorities need to find ways to protect citizen safety and quality of life while using their budgets more effectively. 


Governments for cities of the future need to prioritize the wellbeing, sustainability, and other basic needs for residents to “live, work, and play”. This is accomplished by aspiring to accomplish the following fourteen goals:

Citizen safety

1.  A labor environment that attracts the world’s best talents.

2.  Sustainable environmental initiatives.

3.  Eliminate, or at least limit, traffic congestion.

4.  Quality air free of contamination, optimal outdoor temperatures, and adequate sun exposure.

5.  Water supply that is clean and without waste.

6.  Convenient access to fresh, healthy, and economic food and beverages.

7.  Support for active lifestyles.

8.  Safe and beautiful public spaces and scenery.

9.  Communitary protocols that are easily available and inclusive.

10.  Virtually no physical or online crime.

11.  Protection against natural or man-provoked disasters.

12.  Quality preventive attention to ensure the safety of others.

13.  Responsible and efficient government services.

14.  Convenient access to a wide variety of recreational activities.



Smart city

When these fourteen factors are in sync, they allow for governments to make better decisions, have more efficient government services, reduce operational costs, and allow residents and visitors to enjoy greater quality of life.


Specifically, city inhabitants will be able to feel and live the differences in their daily interactions with efforts related to safety, mobility, health, environmental quality, civic participation, jobs, utilities, and energy.


Additionally, governments are increasingly becoming more reliant on data and digital technology to make better decisions and improve the quality of life of their residents. More comprehensive, real-time data gives agencies the ability to watch events as they unfold, understand how demand patterns are changing, and respond with faster and lower-cost solutions.


Nexus consultants will work with your government officials to find innovative and forward-looking solutions to old problems. Additionally, we are able to assist your government’s efforts to become smart cities; reduce crime; promote initiatives through our marketing and communications solutions; connect you with the best practices in governments around the world; consume energy efficiently; attract foreign investments; improve existing infrastructure; modernize education system and job training; and implement inclusive governability programs.


Smart Cities

Together with our partners, Nexus delivers scalable, innovative camera and IoT solutions, and uses our industry-leading experience to bring your city together.


Using innovative technology and unmatched expertise, we help guide your city to help bring your resources together to improve efficiency within public safety, payments, governability, housing, education, urban mobility, and environmental monitoring.

Smart City icon

Inclusive Governability

We guide your city through the implementation of smart city initiatives by finding forms to engage with your community and co-create solutions to local problems. It is essential for all members of the community to have the adequate information, resources, abilities, and know-how in order to have a more significant impact when implementing innovative initiatives.


Nexus Consulting solutions are a key enabler for governments in their quest to deliver more accurate and efficient services. Through the use of technology, AI, and IoT, we allow for collaboration and data collection across government departments.


By understanding how governments around the world are operating and how you can market various initiatives, we are able to support the goals of government authorities to make better, informed decisions while remaining cost-effective and building efficient processes.

Inclusive Governability icon

Public Safety


Nexus can help you work more efficiently with citizen safety, emergency situations, law enforcement, and incident management.

Public Safety icon

Investment Promotion

Nexus accompanies your government in the creation and implementation of investment promotion agencies by partnering with local, national, and international actors. More investment to your entity means more jobs, more innovation, a better paid population, and more local opportunities.


We can support your efforts by advising interested parties in investing, networking events, site selection, business agendas, webinars, and trade events.

Investment Promotion icon

Marketing & Communications


Nexus’s team of marketing and communications experts partner with your government agencies to ensure that your programs are promoted appropriately, adopted by a large portion of the population, and remain as integral initiatives for the community.


Additionally, we conduct market studies to understand the priorities of your population in order for your governments’ actions to be in sync with the community. Additionally, our creative image and design team is able to design the rollout and image behind government programs whether it's related to recycling collection or health services.


Finally, our leading team of programmers and developers can create customized apps that allow your residents to better interact with government services and agencies.

Marketing and Communications icon

Best Practices

What are the main trends happening around the world? How do my governments’ priorities align with the priorities of other local, state, and federal governments? How can my government implement initiatives that have proven to be successful elsewhere?


Nexus Consulting accompanies your government to evaluate the opportunities of implementing initiatives in your administration that are best practices in governments globally. We have worked with Central American countries implementing Special Economic Zones, Latin American ports advancing Single Window and technological modernization initiatives, as well as Mexican cities advancing investment promotion initiatives.


This has all been based on the ability Nexus has on connecting you with international actors to have greater success with your local issues.

Best Practices icon


The traditional means of energy consumption have grown too costly for governments, which limits your ability to invest the limited resources you may have on programs and initiatives that directly benefit your population. In order to have more efficient and impactful governments, it is imperative to find areas to cut costs - and energy consumption is the ideal solution.


Nexus Energy solutions can automatically reduce your energy consumption costs by 30-50%.

Energy icon


Infrastructure investments take up a large chunk of government budgets. As a result, it is important to ensure that existing infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and ports are in good condition by leveraging technological tools that can help your government have the visibility it needs to maintain and invest in infrastructure. Our solutions use dashboards that optimize real-time reporting on potholes, public security concerns, and traffic conditions.


Furthermore, our extensive offer of cameras and IoT sensors can improve the security on your streets and ports infrastructure.

Infrastructure icon

Education & Job Training

The 21st Century calls for people to be ready to navigate unforeseen interruptions (like COVID-19) and be up-to-date on the latest technologies. We work with cities to find solutions on how you can prepare your residents to find a job and adapt to digital circumstances using different online programs, customized databases, and software applications.

Education and Job Training icon

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help make your government’s initiative more impactful.

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