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Benefits of Mexico’s IMMEX Program

The Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) positioned Mexico as the 37th most competitive country in the world in a list of 43 countries, according to its 2021 International Competitiveness Index (ICI).

Meeting between Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas directed the United States’s delegation.


  • On October 8, 2021, Mexico’s Economy Ministry announced that it is working on a program to improve and restructure the Manufacturing, Maquiladora, and Export Services Industries (IMMEX).

  • The program will focus on: Job creation for the domestic market; Facilitate investments & international trade; Sector regionalization.

  • As a result, the program will prioritize reducing unnecessary paperwork and implement digital processes in order for a company to apply for the IMMEX program.


The IMMEX (formerly Maquiladora) program in Mexico offers favorable tax benefits to companies manufacturing in the country, especially for companies who primarily manufacture products that will be exported out of Mexico. IMMEX companies are exempt from the 16% Value Added Tax (VAT) when importing raw goods, materials, and equipment for manufacturing processes. Additionally, they do not pay duties when exporting finished goods to the US and Canada.

Mexico’s General Director of Trade Facilitation, Dora Rodriguez explained that the IMMEX program needs to be updated in order to accelerate Mexico’s economic recovery. Resultantly, the first step in renewing the IMMEX program will be to expedite certain processes required in its application by digitizing unnecessary paperwork.


While there are many benefits to the IMMEX (Maquiladora) program, it comes with many strict regulations and requirements that change on a regular basis. As a result, companies operating under the program must maintain detailed records, track inventory, and their trade flows. It’s challenging for many businesses to keep up with these requirements on their own. However, Nexus’s Trade Compliance team has developed a state-of-the-art software program that is designed specifically for personalized and real-time inventory management to register the entry and exit of goods for IMMEX companies to comply with Anexo 24 and Anexo 31.

By working with Nexus, you can use an existing maquiladora certification or we can create and manage a new license for your IMMEX. Our team will take care of your operations with integral supply chain management services so that you can do what you do best, and we will take care of the rest.

  • Secure permits, licenses, and ensure compliance

  • Navigate an ever-changing regulatory landscape

  • Manage institutional relationships

  • Identify potential industrial buildings to set up your facilities

  • Site selection analysis

  • Human resources and recruiting

  • Accounting, payroll, and accounts payable

  • International trade and customs compliance

  • Finding contractors for building improvements

  • Local procurement

  • Customs brokerage

  • International logistics management

  • Inspection of cargo at origin

  • Environmental compliance

  • And more…

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