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Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City
We understand the challenges you may face in Mexico. We have an answer.
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Torre Latinoamericana in Mexico City



We are a team of lawyers, consultants, former government officials, and experts of the region who specialize in comprehensive business consulting for fiscal, foreign trade and investment matters.


Our team has served at the highest levels of government and represent the private sector’s interests in key business chambers.


We have been at the forefront of Mexico’s development for decades, including in the private and public sectors’ goals to facilitate and modernize trade, promote investment, negotiate and implement the USMCA, and drive new technologies in government processes.


Our advisory services are supported by a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team of experts in a variety of areas that strengthen your business’s trade operations through our legal defense, customs and trade compliance, and preventive audits.

Legal & Normative Cases

Nexus provides legal advisory services to represent clients before customs authorities. We can help with: Administrative Procedure in Customs Matters (PAMA), omission of contributions and compensatory fees, drafting letters, certifying the origin of goods, tariff classification, assessing normative criteria, and more…

Customs & Trade Procedures

Our team of experts help guide your business in obtaining key certifications like OEA, PROSEC, IMMEX, IVA-IEPS, & RFE.


Nexus helps guide you through compliance with Mexico’s Foreign Trade General Rules, importer registration, certifications of origin with FTAs, Official Mexican Standards (NOMs), & Sectorial Import and Export Registers, among other procedures.

Preventive Audits

Nexus integrates your files to review your trade operations & generate reports that facilitate compliance and efficiency. We ensure a secure supply chain by undergoing statistical & operational risk analysis. Our team develops customs compliance programs for companies to be aligned with various trade regulations.

Our approach is centered on timely legal compliance, based on commercial strategies appropriate to the requirements of our clients, relying on digital resources and experience in prevention, risk analysis, and problem solving.
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We help you find the right location to set up and manage your utilities and other building requirements.


License acquisition and assessment to comply with environmental regulations.

Local Procurement

Vendor management, indirect spending order processing, accounts payable, & value-added-tax recovery.

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Corporate Training

Our international trade professionals specialize in the development of made-to-suit seminars and international trade training programs. We also support your company with executive alignment and strategic planning to fuel growth and meet your goals.

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Intellectual Property

Nexus protects your intangible assets through first class Intellectual Property services in trademarks, patents, copyrights, and more to properly represent your company’s interests in Mexico.

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Marketing & Communications

We help your company elevate its brand, protect its reputation, and improve its performance with the help of our communications and digital marketing experts.

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Institutional Relations

Nexus analyzes the political risk your company may face in Mexico and devise strategies that will position your priorities at the forefront of institutional channels. Our corporate diplomacy allows us to work with key government officials at all levels and leading private sector groups to ensure that your investment is successful.

Management consulting office buildings


Our management consulting experts understand how to do business in Mexico. We help your company succeed in this market through our Corporate Training, Intellectual Property, Communications & Marketing, and Institutional Relations solutions.

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