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Solar panel
Our solutions empower your company
We are committed to empowering businesses in Mexico with low-carbon energy. Nexus Energy reduces energy consumption, reduces costs and makes business processes more efficient for your company.
Our team delivers personalized solutions throughout the development of each project’s value chain: strategy, design, engineering, construction, digital platforms, and operations management.
Our integral solutions aimed at companies and local governments, allow them to grow with smart and energy-efficient equipment, powered by carbon-free energy.
Tailor-made energy solutions

Renewable energies

Electricity supply from renewable sources with PPA financing for domestic, commercial, and industrial use.

  • Distributive energy

  • Geothermal energy

  • Solar energy

  • Wind energy

  • Hydroelectricity

Renewable energies

Natural Gas

With competitive pricing and an unrivaled commitment to customer service, Nexus offers a range of custom natural gas product structures to both transport and utility choice program commercial and industrial customers. Leverage our cross-commodity expertise in gas and power.

Natural gas


Electricity and natural gas networks to make processes more efficient.

  • Distribution

  • Transmission

  • Virtual pipelines

  • Transportation

  • Commercialization

Electricity and natural gas networks

District heating and cooling networks

We strive to empower energy-efficient cities through space heating or conditioned air to everyone in commercial offices, community housing projects, industrial buildings and public facilities, while reducing CO2 emissions.

District heating and cooling networks

Our team of experts can also offer hybrid solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.

Waste management


With the aim of improving air quality, reducing noise pollution, keeping traffic flowing, and optimizing transit networks, Nexus Energy offers a comprehensive range of clean mobility solutions.

  • Alternative fuels

  • Transport infrastructures

  • Smart transit systems

  • Upstream design and planning


We assist organizations in managing water and wastewater bills to accurately report on withdrawals, wastewater discharges, and sites of abnormally high water usage to determine capital investment and behavioral change opportunities for reducing water consumption.


We offer renewable hydrogen solutions in an effort to develop more sustainable forms of mobility, decarbonise industrial uses, and store energy and make it available when renewables are not producing electricity.


We operate from its production to end uses.


Our smart lighting solutions allow the reduction of energy consumption, generating economic savings for businesses of up to 80%, as well as a positive impact on the environment.

  • LED luminaires

  • Control systems

  • Presence sensors

  • Daylight sensors


From organizing waste audits to managing vendors, to developing a comprehensive waste reduction plan – we’ve got you covered.

  • Waste Expense & Data Management

  • Managing waste services

  • Comprehensive waste hauler contracting

  • Waste optimization

  • Comprehensive suite of tailored programs to prevent waste

  • Site Service Management

District heating and cooling systems graphic
District heating and cooling systems
Natural gas pipeline

Global Energy Leaders
Our partners are some of the largest energy producers in the world.

Independent electricity producer in the world

 Countries across five continents have our presence

Of mature renewable capacity managed, especially in Europe and LATAM

96.8 GW
Of installed capacity of generation

39,400 km
Of natural gas pipelines

In Mexico

Years of experience

States covered

Private purchaser
of natural gas

Natural gas
distributor in Mexico

Industrial customers

1300 km
Of gas pipeline in operation

+400 MV
Of renewable energy in operation

Efficient cogeneration plants with a capacity of 335 MW

+500 MW
Of renewable generation capacity in construction

Solar panels

Solar Financial Solutions

We offer financial solutions so you can install solar panels with no initial cost and with a monthly payment program for the energy produced by the solar systems.


With the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), we pay for the construction of the photovoltaic system and charge you monthly for the energy produced.


Solar panel Zero Down Payment

Zero Down Payment

Instead of having a high initial cost, easily pay on a monthly basis.

6 to 15 years loan term.

Solar panel Costs Savings

Costs Savings from Day One

Monthly savings of up to 30%.

Payments are lower than the energy prices currently available in the market.

Solar panel Free Operation and Maintenance Services

Free Operation and Maintenance Services

During the term of the contract we take care of the operation and maintenance costs of the system at no additional cost.

Solar panel Prices

Stable Prices

Complete visibility of the energy payment during the entire contract through monthly invoices.

Solar panel

Become the Owner

Upon completion of the contract, you become the owner of the solar panel system and benefits from free energy. If desired, the client can still continue with our operation and maintenance services.

Solar panel Energy Production

Guaranteed Energy Production

If the energy production doesn’t meet the established in the contract, we will refund the difference.

How does it work?

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Initial presentation


Send your documents


Customized proposal





Contract signature


Solar panel installation


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Solar panel


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