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As students spend the majority of the day in schools, campus security is of paramount importance to every school administrator and every parent. In order to develop an effective security system, all the possible risks – including suspects breaking into campus, stealing, and threatening student safety – must be fully considered. A campus security and protection solution utilizing Nexus Technology’s most advanced network, audio, video, and intelligent recognition technologies, ensures students, parents, and administrators can enjoy a secured and serene learning environment.

Nexus Technology provides solutions to all of these problems for kindergartens, grade schools, high schools, and universities.

School building security
Security camera

Perimeter Protection
Ensures on-campus safety with three layers of protection covering school gates, campus roads and building entrances.

Ensures students’ safety to and from school with our safe bus solution.

AI-empowered Video Surveillance
Enhances the efficiency of campus management.
Advance digital campuses free of student ID cards with improved automation level.

Easy Integration

Easily integrates with external information systems

Centralized Management
One system for all scenarios, facilitating campus security management.

One-stop solution for alarms, search protocols, positioning, and analysis modules.

Multi-Scenario Attendance Check

Takes full consideration of attendance management.


Satisfies the management needs for kindergartens to higher education institutes.

Vehicle management

Our parking lot management system and radar-triggered capture camera can be installed for license plate recognition.


Vehicle checkpoints can be deployed to detect and record the speed of passing vehicles.

Attendance check

Students' attendance will be recorded at school gates and dormitory gates and SMS notifications will be automatically sent to their parents.


This will greatly enhance management efficiency and easily spot problems at the very beginning.

School facilities
Security camera

Nexus Technology solutions are a key enabler for schools in their quest to become safer. We allow for collaboration and data collection across the different security points on campus. As a result, schools can become communities where students, parents, and teachers can feel safer and learn at ease.

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help make your school safer.

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