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Smart Hotel Solution
Effective surveillance for superior hospitality services

Smart Solution for hotel safety

  • Ensure around-a-clock safety for guests and staff.

  • Improve vehicle access management and customer experience.

  • Decrease CCTV intrusiveness.

  • Have a reliable footage for post-incidents investigations.




24/7 high definition surveillance for perimeter and intrusion detection.


Different compact cameras for ensuring indoor aesthetics and customer comfortability.


Video management platform and embedded NVR ensures prompt alarm responsiveness and reliable video footage.


Comprehensive mobile products improve on-board safety of shuttle bus.


Automated vehicle access control with ANPR module.

Smart solution for hotels

Smart Solution
For Hotel

A Total IP System Dedicated to Guests Safety and Operation Efficiency

Highlighted Technology

Smart Codec - H.264+Optimized Compression

Smart Codec - H.264+Optimized Compression graphic










Up to 70%

Storage Saving


Analytic + Compression H.264 (25fps)

H.264 (25fps)

Analytic + Compression H.264+ (25fps)

H.264+ (25fps)

Analytic + Compression

• Background-based predictive smart encoding

• Enhanced noise suppression

• Optimized, long-term bitrate control


• More encoding improvement

• More transmission efficiency

• More storage saving

License Plate Recognition

License Plate Recognition

  • Entrance Time Recording

  • Plate Number Recording

Vehicle Management

Vehicle Management

  • Auto Comparison

  • Blacklist Filtering

  • Alarm Triggering

Smart Search / Smart Backup

Smart Search / Smart Backup

  • LPR Searching

  • Post-event Investigation

Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection

  • GEO Tracking

  • Increases security

ANPR Module

A critical element in access control.

ANPR System
Background-based predictive smart encoding
• License Plate Comparison
• B/W List Filtering
• Alarm Triggering
• Result Query
• Result Export
• Auto Network Recovery (ANR)
• ANPR Remote Configuration

ANPR System graphic




License Plate Recognition



iVMS-5200 Professional

Hotel graphic
Hallway Monitoring

Hallway Monitoring

Less obtrusive, rotate sensor mode in hallway.

Security Center

Security Center

System reliability, Data safety, Prompt event response.

Parking Surveillance

Parking Surveillance

Excellent low-light capability for nighttime monitoring.

Vehicle Access Management

Vehicle Access Management

ANPR recognition, barrier linkage, Backlist/VIP list filtering.

Lobby Monitoring

Lobby Monitoring

Clear visibility in strong sunlight condition, Large area and heavy people flow require high definition and smooth video.

On-board Mobile Tracking

On-board Mobile Tracking

Robust on-board recorder, HD mobile cameras for different vehicle type.

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection

High resolution, Long distance monitoring.

Vehicle Management

Parking Management
Automated workflow and visual display of parking spaces’ status in real time.

On-site driving regulations and management
Our solutions can help you manage vehicle speed control and illegal parking to ensure road safety within the area.

​Entrance and Exit Control
We offer convenient and efficient entrance & exit control for hotels with or without a security booth at the gate.

Vehicle management graphic

Registered Vehicles

Visiting Vehicles

Vehicle management graphic

Site Management

Perimeter Protection
A thermal camera can provide clear video – even in zerolight environments. For areas that require higher-level security protection, the combination of radar and dome camera brings both accurate radar and clear visuals together. The link between the two – radar accuracy and dome camera clarity – allows you to easily track any suspicious movements.

​Security Patrol
If an event is captured with a remote patrol camera, security guards receive notifications and make improvements as needed. Nexus Technlogy’s solutions also generates reports for security and managers through visual comprehensive dashboards that include all patrol tasks and processes. Each report details the tasks that should be undertaken in order to resolve any security issues.

Additionally, our Artificial Intelligence Patrols add intelligence identifies problems when a captured image triggers pre-set rules. Resultantly, security staff and managers do not have to manually check all video footage. This reduces manpower and offers a more intelligent way to quickly respond to any problem.

Hotel lobby monitoring

Lobby Monitoring

See what happens inside the hotel as well as outside.

  • Indoor IR dome camera

  • Industry-leading 140dB wide dynamic range

  • Triple exposure technology

  • Up to 30 meters of IR vision

Parking Surveillance

Cover large areas such as parking lots and automatically detect intruders.

  • Outdoor IR PTZ camera

  • 23x optical zoom

  • Smart detection features

  • 200-meter IR range

  • Industry-leading low-light technology

  • Get crystal-clear images in dimly lit environments

  • DarkFighter camera

  • High-performance

  • Vandal-proof

  • Vivid, noise-free images

Hotel Parking Surveillance

Hallway Monitoring

Create a less obtrusive environment despite the presence of cameras.

  • Monovu Dual Lens camera

    • Compact footprint

    • Recessed mount support

    • Wide-angle, compact, mini dome

    • Comprehensive onboard IP monitoring system to ensure safety on shuttle busses

Hotel Hallway Monitoring graphic
  • Compact size

  • Installation labor saving

  • One camera delivers two different monitoring views

Horizontal shape

Rotate mode

Elevator Monitoring

Emergency Exit

Be notified automatically when an emergency exit is blocked.

  • IP cameras with smart detection can detect objects and trigger an alarm.

Hotel Elevator Monitoring

Mobile Tracking

Keep an eye on a moving shuttle bus.

  • Inner-vehicle camera

  • Outer-vehicle camera

  • Mobile recorder

Emergency Exit

Die-cast aluminium

HDD Full Enclosed Protection

Aviation Connection

Industrial-leading anti-vibration technology

Command Center

Command center

​AR Command Center
An AR command center is an efficient tool for you to quickly access real-time video feed for different areas, while having important data points highlighted in an interactive video monitoring system.

​Intuitive and Comprehensive Dashboard
Have full visibility over your hotel with an interactive 3D image at the center of a dashboard where you’ll be able to see all operational data and activity in one place.

Security camera
Security center

Security Center


  • Auto Network Recovery (ANR)

  • Raid & N+1 Failover


  • Multi-users Notification


  • Smart Search

  • Smart Backup


With a certified team and leading telecommunications suppliers, we can help you acquire, implement, renew, or improve your communication systems.

IP Phone System

Our IP Phone System unify your communications, reduce your costs, and improve the efficiency and productivity of your company.

IP Phone System

Wireless network design & installation


  • Point-to-Point networks

  • Multipoint networks

  • WIFI networks​

  • Mesh networks

  • Wireless internet services

Wireless network design & installation

Data center and structured cabling solutions

We advise and support in the design and implementation of data centers of any size. Moreover, we offer Panduit certified cabling systems, and thus guarantee that your equipment will be protected and tested against failures up to 25 years.

Data center and structured cabling solutions


Create a safe workplace and empower your company with our smart security solutions.

Video surveillance system

We offer a full range of IP products to help you build a high-quality security system.

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

  • HD cameras

  • Dome cameras

  • Wireless video transmission systems

  • Vulnerability scan

Video surveillance system
Access control system

Access control system


Designed to work together seamlessly, we provide you with a variety of access control solutions.

  • Electrical locks

  • Card readers

  • Fingerprint terminals

  • Exit buttons

  • Facial recognition terminals

  • Temperature screening thermographic cameras

Fire alarm system


Our fire alarm systems build reliable protection in every corner of your office.

  • Fire alarms

  • Smoke detectors

  • Emergency buttons

  • Detection panels

Fire alarm system
Intrusion alarm system

Intrusion alarm system


We provide wired and wireless detectors for many scenarios. These detectors are equipped with many advanced technologies, such as pet-immune feature, anti-masking and anti-blocking function, tri-detection technology, and many more.


Thinking about our client’s convenience and complete satisfaction, we offer a catalogue with a wide range of well-designed and functional quality office furnishings such as chairs, desks, and armchairs that adapt to the requirements of any space.

Office furniture
Office furniture
Office furniture

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help make your hotel safer.

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