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How can managers react quickly when there is a missing or damaged package? Is there a way to trace each step in the process and pinpoint where the problem took place? And of course, is there a tool to digitize and more efficiently manage the docks for loading and unloading?

Industrial companies are constantly seeking forms of reducing costs while improving operation efficiency. There is a world of opportunity for these companies to embrace digitalization transformation to increase competitiveness by taking advantage of advanced technologies like AI, big data and VR/AR.

As a leading IoT solution provider, Nexus offers an all-encompassing solution for building an intelligent industrial park by focusing on four critical components:

Site management icon

Site management

Goods management icon

Goods management

Vehicle management icon

Vehicle management

Personnel management icon

Personnel management

We ensure that our solutions not only improves the overall safety of your park’s perimeter with top-notch security features, but also helps improve operational efficiency through adapting Artificial Intelligence powered functionality. All-together, Nexus Technology’s Industrial Park solution aims to build a more secure and intelligent community for companies to invest and thrive in.

Personnel Detection

PPE Detection

Intelligently detect if your employee is properly wearing their PPE. For example, embedded hard hat and face mask detection can notify relevant personnel if a worker is found not wearing one where required. This helps to improve the safety level without requiring extra manpower to oversee. The solution also may detect if someone is wearing eyewear, VIS clothes, dust masks, ear plugs, safety gloves, protective boots, and eye wear.

PPE Detection

​Entering and Exiting Warehouses

Face recognition terminals now make access authentication accurate, efficient, hygienic, and impossible to counterfeit. Additionally, these systems make clocking in and out for employees easier and faster, allowing them to make better use of their time and provide managers with more accurate reporting of their employees’ work hours.

Entering and Exiting Warehouses

​Quick and Easy Movement

Throughout an Industrial Building Forklifts and other equipment constantly pass from one zone to another. Face recognition technologies offer a smooth and convenient way to access various areas without having to have workers get down from the cart.

Quick and Easy Movement

Vehicle Management

​Warehouse Dock Management
Dock platforms face various efficiency challenges, such as how to best arrange the entire workflow from truck entry to cargo pickup, how to allocate resources so that dock platforms are operating efficiently, and more. With Nexus Technology’s digital dock platform, all of these questions are conveniently solved through an automated workflow and visual display of the platform status in real time.

On-site driving regulations and management
As most of the daily routines within an industrial park involve vehicles, it is important to ensure road safety within the area. Our solutions can help you manage vehicle speed control and illegal parking.

​Entrance and Exit Control

Nexus Technology offers convenient and efficient entrance & exit control for industrial parks with or without a security booth at the gate. Pre-registered vehicles can pass efficiently using automatic license plate recognition, while visitor vehicles can log in at a security booth or remotely using a video intercom device.

Vehicle management graphic

Registered Vehicles

Visiting Vehicles

Vehicle management graphic

Site Management

Perimeter Protection
A thermal camera can provide clear video – even in zerolight environments. For areas that require higher-level security protection, the combination of radar and dome camera brings both accurate radar and clear visuals together. The link between the two – radar accuracy and dome camera clarity – allows you to easily track any suspicious movements.

Industrial park perimeter protection
Security camera

​Security Patrol
If an event is captured with a remote patrol camera, security guards receive notifications and make improvements as needed. Nexus Technlogy’s solutions also generates reports for security and production managers through visual comprehensive dashboards that include all patrol tasks and processes. Each report details the tasks that should be undertaken in order to resolve any security issues.

Additionally, our Artificial Intelligence Patrols add intelligence identifies problems when a captured image triggers pre-set rules. Resultantly, security staff and managers do not have to manually check all video footage. This reduces manpower and offers a more intelligent way to quickly respond to any problem.

Goods Management

​Visualized Parcel Tracking
This helps fast moving fulfillment and dispatch centers to quickly locate any problem with visualized, trackable processes. We help companies, especially those involved in e-commerce, to monitor any loss or damage to the goods they are managing within a warehouse.

​Warehouse Fire Prevention
With thermal cameras and smoke detectors, Nexus Technology offers a preemptive solution that helps to identify potential risks before disaster, making fire prevention smarter and more effective.

​Warehouse Fire Prevention
Security camera
​Visualized Parcel Tracking
Security camera

Command Center

​Intuitive and Comprehensive Dashboard
AR Application Platform

AR Application Platform

Factory Building 2

Factory Building 1

R&D Building

Loading Dock

Parking Lot

Parking Lot

Security camera

​AR Command Center
An AR command center is an efficient tool for you to quickly access real-time video feed for different areas, while having important data points highlighted in an interactive video monitoring system. Nexus Technology solutions are a key enabler for industrial parks in their quest to become smart, safe, and efficient. We allow for collaboration and data collection across the different points in the production and distribution of goods. As a result, industrial parks can become communities where better decisions are made, costs are reduced, and processes uphold efficient levels of execution.

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help make your industrial park smarter.

​Intuitive and Comprehensive Dashboard
Have full visibility over your industrial park with an interactive 3D image at the center of a dashboard where you’ll be able to see all operational data and activity in one place. Your customizable dashboard is able to project statistics on operations, security, and employee performance, among other relevant data points.

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