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Every aspect of city policing can be strengthened by an integrated, intelligent surveillance network. From anticipating crimes to solving them, Nexus together with our partners has solutions that support your police officers.

City security officials are expected to be able to react to, respond to, and resolve crimes, despite limited budgets and resources. Nexus’s scalable network video and audio solutions can contribute to all these duties. Alongside our partners, we combine innovative, high quality hardware with intelligent analytics to deliver a new way of coordinating and supporting your officers. This will enable you and your team to do your job more effectively, efficiently, and safely.

City surveillance

Insights that support your officers

Nexus gives your officers the situational awareness they need to respond effectively. Video and audio feeds, built-in analytics, and other data resources funnel into an efficient coordination hub, letting you make decisions based on accurate, up-to-date information. The detailed coverage from your surveillance network helps you to make appropriate responses to every incident and maximize the chances of arrest. Most importantly, you improve the safety of first responders by providing a detailed understanding of a situation and its threats before they arrive at the scene.

Surveillance network to support officers
Surveillance network to receive automatic alerts to cut reaction times

Automatic alerts to cut reaction times

Video and audio solutions can be alerted to incidents as they occur, dramatically shortening response time. Our network cameras – supported by video analytics, sensors and alarms – monitor areas where crime is likely or where citizens feel vulnerable, and provide automatic alerts as situations develop. Incident detection and live video from the scene help you to verify events and prioritize your response. By adding loudspeakers and spotlights to the network, you can disrupt crimes and infractions while they’re in progress.

Surveillance network to support investigations and solving crimes

​Supporting investigations and solving crimes

A smart surveillance network can maximize conviction rates and bring criminals to justice. An operations center informs your officers before they arrive on the scene. Knowing what to expect and what to look out for improves their safety, but it also helps forensic investigations make the best possible start. Intelligent analytics such as license plate recognition and facial detection are crucial when investigating crime and apprehending suspects. Additionally, high-quality video images can provide vital admissible evidence.

​Body worn cameras

Body worn solutions capture valuable evidence, deter bad behavior, and positively influence the actions of camera wearers and the public alike.

These cameras document actions and capture evidence as they record incidents with sharp audio and video that you can use in internal investigations and in court.

Nexus can help guide your city towards implementing these solutions in order to provide a safer environment for your community and make processes more efficient for your security agencies.

Our team of experts has experience working on projects that involve security programs for local parks to traffic systems to C4 operational headquarters.

Body worn cameras

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help make your city safer.

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