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Video Network Solutions
Our commercial security systems protects people and properties, and with their combination of network cameras, accessories, and analytics they can protect your profits too.

Nexus IP technology lets you remotely monitor your buildings, control access, and link up with other devices to automate many property management tasks. Nexus solutions are also inherently adaptable and scalable.


Smart Building Solutions


The defining feature of a truly smart building is integration. Internet of Things (IoT) technology should form a network that supports buildings’ operations. Nexus technology is designed with this kind of integration in mind, so our IP video and audio solutions can be central components.


Nexus provides security in office buildings with video surveillance systems that incorporate access control, networks speakers, and a range of intelligent analytics and alerts for comprehensive coverage.


In addition to security, Nexus IoT technology integrates with hardware and software to form a complete operating infrastructure and increase the value of your properties.

Vehicle Access

Vehicle Access
LPR Camera

Visitor/Employee Access Control

Visitor / Employee
LightFighter Cameras
People Counting Camera
Intercom & Access Control

Indoor Security

Indoor Security
HD Cameras
Access Control

Parking surveillance

HD Camera / PTZ

Building perimeter protection

Perimeter Protection
PanoVu System
Thermal / Optical Dual Lens Camera
Cameras with Special Housing

Centralized video management

Centralized Video Management
Recorder / Storage
Central Management
Software HD Monitors

Office building solutions



  • Easy deployable devices with flexible configuration, all video / audio and events accessible via network.

  • Robust recording, control and event management system with multi-access, multi-layer management.

  • Third party equipment and system integration capability.

Smart building solutions

3rd Party Integration


Storage Server

Central Client

Central Server


Monitor / TV Wall

LPR Camera


Access Control


Analog Camera



IP Camera

IP Camera

Thermal Imaging Camera Systems

  • Fixed and PTZ Models

  • Bi-Spectrum (Thermal with Visible) Imaging

  • 384x288 and 640x512 Resolution Models

  • Temperature Exception Alarming, Standard

  • Advanced Fire Detection

Thermal Imaging Camera Systems

Device Health Monitoring

  • Centralized Dashboard display for system and device status

  • Quickly drill down to pinpoint problem device or network segment

  • Automatic refresh of equipment status

  • Create and export device reports for easy maintenance

Device Health Monitoring

Centralized Event Management

  • Intuitive central event management across alarm list, alarm based videos, and related map

  • Multi-layer map or floor plan with video and control associated

  • Easy access and control via web browser, PC Client, or mobile devices

Centralized Event Management
Network technology

Managing buildings efficiently


Nexus network technology opens up opportunities for automation and makes video surveillance in commercial buildings a smart investment. By combining high-definition cameras with other hardware, businesses can reduce the number of patrols needed to keep premises safe.

On-board analytics
Help you make informed operational changes that improve workplace safety and optimize employee workflow by gathering data about tenants and visitors.

On-board analytics

​Energy efficiency
We can even help lower energy use, further reducing your costs and helping to meet your environmental goals.

​Energy efficiency

Security for your properties and your network


With a video surveillance solution from Nexus, network cameras and accessories make your properties safer, even as you cut back on security patrols. The combination of cutting-edge technology and innovative analytics lets you remotely monitor entrances, halls, and corridors with equal precision.


Nexus ensures that your network is shielded from hacking and other cyber-attacks, by applying cybersecurity best practices and continuously addressing vulnerabilities and improving firmware.

Office building security

Back-to-Business Solutions for Office Buildings

As businesses around the world reopen and resume operations, people are getting back to work and back to their daily routines. We offer Temperature Screening Applications for Office Buildings that integrate into security and access control systems in convenient ways that really work.


Multi-Site Temperature Screening
A variety of products and measures for safe and efficient temperature screening in all areas.


Fully Touch-Free Access and attendance check
Embedded facial recognition for hands-free access authentication in key areas.


​Highly Centralized Management
Instant visualization of emergency events and overall statistics for situational awareness.

Office building solutions

Offices and Work Area

Control Room


Other key areas like perimeters, lobbies, canteens and more


Temperature Screening and Mask Detection with Information Display

Our camera models with higher resolution make it possible to measure multiple persons’ temperatures at a time, with additional functions of mask detection, identity verification & unregistered visitor alarm. Under necessary conditions, the information of temperature and mask status can be display on floor-standing digital signage or monitors with digital signage box, which can serve as advertisement media player in the meantime.

Temperature Screening and Mask Detection with Information Display

Highly efficient temperature screening & mask detection with thermographic cameras

Intuitive information display with 3-in-1 displays

Mask Status



Digital Signage Box + Monitor

Floor Standing Digital Signage

Rapid and reliable metal detection doors

Rapid and reliable metal detection doors

Stripe Light to Indicate Different Types of Alarms

Thermographic Camera for Temperature Screening

7-inch LED Display for People Counting and Alarm Number Summary

Work Areas and Offices

Temperature Screening with Access Control

Our MinMoe Terminals add identity authentication, attendance recording and access control in office areas. Users can easily add or remove profiles, generate reports at regular intervals, and set parameters according to their unique needs including temperature screening and mask detection. Hygienic and touch-free, MinMoe access control terminals will enhance employee walkways with high accuracy and efficiency.

Temperature Screening with Access Control
Mask Detection and Intrusion Detection

High-efficiency mask detection

Accurate alarm for humans and vehicles

Other Key Areas

Mask Detection and Intrusion Detection

Our IP cameras embedded with the function of high-efficiency mask detection can help create a safer environment around the campus. In the meantime, it can focus on human/vehicle intrusion with higher accuracy, enhancing perimeter protection and contributing to the overall security of everyone staying in campus.

Centralized Management at the Control Room

At the control room, the site managers and security staff of office buildings can view statistics and records of employee attendance, temperature and mask status in real time, temperature data storage, abnormal temperature trend analysis, live viewing, playback, access, alarm management, efficient vehicle and visitor management, employee management, and more.

Alarm Management


Control Dashboard


Elevator Control


Visitor Management


Vehicle Management


Access Management


Video Management


Nexus Furniture

A piece for every space

Thinking about our client’s convenience and complete satisfaction, we offer a catalogue with a wide range of well-designed and functional quality office furnishings such as chairs, desks, and armchairs that adapt to the requirements of any space.

Office furniture
Office furniture
Office furniture

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help make your office building safer.

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