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A key objective behind any smart city is the use of technology and data to protect residents and visitors. Creating a secure environment is essential for cities to develop and thrive, which highlights the importance for cities to implement advanced technologies to safeguard people and their property. Video technologies and intelligent insights from the information generated empower cities with more efficient ways for keeping an eye on their city - making first response and crime investigation much easier and faster.
Empowering your city with smart security technologies provides overall protection from blind spots, 2/7 surveillance, end-to-end support from overing information collection, analysis, processing, and application. Additionally, it empowers multi-scenario applications with self-developed deep-learning algorithms. Finally, smart technologies provide sharing capabilities with infrastructure, data platforms, and application services partners.

Smart city

Situational awareness

 Get a complete picture of the risks faced by citizens and law enforcement.

Police investigation

Speed up the identification of suspects and evidence collection.

Public order

Control crowds in public spaces and at major events.

How can Nexus
Technology help?

Crime prediction

Predict trends in particular types of crime in the city areas.

Risk and compliance

Provide forensic evidence for citizen claims against public security officers.

Emergency management

Intervene quickly and decisively in case of man-made or natural disasters.


Phase 1: Basic City Surveillance
Build CCTV surveillance systems that cover critical areas of a city and integrate video data between such areas to visualize the underlying security status at city levels.

Phase 2: Intelligent Video Systems
Implement AI capabilities and applications to speed up the city’s video system intelligent transformation. Video output then becomes IoT data, through which agencies will benefit from patrolling efficiency, improved law enforcement, and resource scheduling.

Phase 3: Data Fusion and Sharing
The intelligent IoT video system syncs with data from information networks. As a result, the city will have precise 24/7 situational awareness at all points in their territory.

Each step into a new phase brings new possibilities and opportunities.

Phase 1

By implementing basic city surveillance systems, cities will be able to lay the groundwork for an urban security system that will keep growing in the future. 


A Ground Control System is the foundation of the urban security infrastructure by placing cameras in key locations on main city roads. These will generate valuable information for decision makers uninterruptedly. 


Furthermore, cities must deploy high zoom-rate PTZs, positioning systems, PanoVu cameras, drones, and anti-UAV equipment at the high points of the city to have a combination of global perception and detail capture that makes the Air Control System an integral part of urban security.

City surveillance
Mobile Control System

Moreover, fixed monitoring is effective in covering important urban scenes though it leaves security systems with some blind spots. The Mobile Control System is tailored to solve this problem through body-worn cameras and portable PTZ domes for flexible and agile responses. This enables security officials to be deployed rapidly in emergency situations where fixed monitoring is not available or feasible.


Finally, an Alarm Control System must ensure that alarms received by the command center are valid and worthy of a response. Concurrently, emergency alarms available to city inhabitants enhance the sense of security for civilians as police officers can make video calls with people who are at risk and threatened before an event occurs.

Phase 2

As AI technologies evolve, urban security enters an exciting, new intelligent era with unprecedented improvements in efficiency. With vast AI capabilities and a deep understanding of the video-based security industry, we are able to integrate deep learning algorithms into intelligent perception devices in edge domains and powerful computing devices in the cloud. This is conducive to effective and precise data to create more functional security applications.


A customized central system is essential to connect the thousands of devices deployed in order to create a visualized, real-time, and intelligent central system. The central equipment needs to provide fail-safe video storage solutions, high-definition large-screen displays, and transmission to central computing, big data, and AI-algorithm training facilities. Moreover, a powerful application system is able to provide and share its multi-dimensional application capabilities based on data processing and analytics.

City IoT data

Phase 3

The city's IoT data should then be leveraged to deepen understanding and enable localized urban security systems and services.

Smart city security products

Focus Areas

We offer smart video surveillance tools that are effective in all weather and light conditions, that automatically alert security forces to ongoing crimes, and that produce admissible evidence that supports forensic investigation. Combining video and audio can take crime prevention to an even higher level – sound detection technology can alert you to unsociable behavior, integrated loudspeakers let you communicate with potential suspects and victims, and HD cameras verify situations so you can take immediate action.


When man-made or natural disasters occur, it’s vital that you can protect your citizens with informed decision-making and practical guidance. Our network cameras give you the situational awareness and visual verification you need to be effective in emergencies. Panic and misinformation can turn a minor crisis into a major one, so you can integrate loudspeakers to provide information and instruction via direct communication or recorded messages.


Furthermore, we understand the importance of preventing dangerous incidents through situational awareness and an understanding of crowd dynamics - whether its for sports and entertainment events to smaller festivals and public concerts. Our system lets traffic managers, event organizers, and police and fire departments combine their expertise with a seamless, integrated surveillance network for optimal crowd management. 


Nexus can help guide your city towards implementing these solutions in order to provide a safer environment for your community and make processes more efficient for your security agencies. Our team of experts has experience working on projects that involve security programs for local parks to traffic systems to C4 operational headquarters. 

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help make your city safer.

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