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Network video solutions for arenas of all sizes
How do you keep thousands of people safe without spoiling the experience? With innovative, flexible network technology, Nexus can support you from start to finish.

By integrating network cameras, access control systems, loudspeakers, and analytics, we help keep spectators out of danger. Whether you choose an end-to-end solution or add our hardware to your existing stadium surveillance, our easily-integrated products will improve the quality and quantity of your video coverage.

Our camera technologies – such as 4K Ultra HD, Lightfinder, and thermal imaging – provide outstanding detail, even in very low light. Edge analytics help you use this hardware to detect and evaluate threats with reliability and efficiency.


Safety before, during, and after the event


We keep fans in and around the stadium safe without spoiling the atmosphere throughout the entire event. How?

Network video
Control the flow of visitors, while onboard analytics alert you if known troublemakers are identified or if anyone enters restricted areas.

Stadium network video

PTZ cameras
Cover large areas inside the stadium while also letting you zoom in on details, even in difficult light or weather conditions.

Stadium PTZ cameras

​HD footage
Search through it after the event to investigate misbehavior, produce actionable evidence, or review your own performance.

Stadium HD footage

Intelligent ways to control stadium crowds


Our innovative, scalable camera and IoT solutions help maneuver large numbers of people with maximum safety and efficiency.

Control stadium crowds


IP-based access control solutions
Keep spectators in the right areas and ensure that players and performers stay safe and undisturbed.


  • License plate recognition

  • Smart cards

  • QR-codes

  • 2-way video and audio


​Network speakers
Our audio solutions let you provide guidance and information, and are especially vital in the event of emergency evacuation.

Excellent Performance

We combine our industry-leading expertise and experience with innovative, intelligent, and open IoT solutions to create cross-functional systems that help manage events efficiently and safely.

Queue management software
Improve retail and food service operations.

Queue management software icon

Integrated cameras, accessories and analytics

  • Optimize parking and traffic flow, and quickly resolve stolen property and customer service disputes.

  • Capture on-field action and generate data about their performance.

Integrated cameras, accessories and analytics icon



With 4K technology quickly coming into focus, opportunities to apply it to security efforts continue to grow. As leading suppliers of video surveillance equipment, our partners have paid close attention to the rise of 4K, and now have rolled out a complete set of 4K products in various markets worldwide.


Without 4K monitors and NVRs, 4K cameras cannot be used to their full potential, and therefore have little practical use in surveillance. But by packing ultra-high definition and smart functions into an entire set of 4K products – cameras, NVRs and monitors – we are providing a better experience for security customers.

Stadium 4K system

System Structure

Surveillance system structure graphic

4K IP Camera

4K IP Camera

Smart Codec


HDMI 2.0


4K Monitor

4K IP Camera

App Client

Key Features

Ultra-High Definition (UHD)

Our 4K system provides users incredibly clear and crisp images with increased quality and details, facilitating video content analytics and thus better use of video data.

4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD)

H.265+ Smart Codec

Our 4K system incorporates H.265+ video compression, which allows users to more efficiently manage ultra-high definition video footage. H.265+ improves the compression ratio with three key technologies – predictive encoding, noise suppression, and flexible bitrate control – reducing bandwidth and storage costs.

4K H.265+ Smart Codec

​4K Output

4K NVR is equipped with an HDMI 2.0 interface, transmitting video with 4K resolution and providing a more comprehensive solution than systems that are only able to provide 4K cameras or 4K codecs without the 4K output.


Full Smart Feature-set

4K products are equipped with features such as Smart Tracking, False Alarm Filtering, and smart detections including intrusion, line crossing, region entrance, region exit, and more.

4K Full Smart Feature-set

Nexus Furniture

Stadium Solutions

Thinking about our client’s convenience and complete satisfaction, we offer a catalogue with a wide range of well-designed and functional quality stadium furnishings for sport facilities such as bleachers and screens.

Stadium bleachers
Stadium screens

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help make your stadium safer.

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