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Car ownership and the burdens on urban traffic systems grow as urbanization advances. A solution that improves awareness, removes complexity, and reduces labor is needed across cities. Nexus Technology’s Intelligent Traffic System Solution alleviates these concerns altogether, removing the bottlenecks that have long troubled authorities and citizens to keep traffic flowing and help people get where they need to be, in a smarter and smoother way.

We ensure that everyone moves safely and responsibly on the road, optimizing the use of available transportation resources, and responding to traffic events as swiftly as possible. Long travel times can generate stress and frustration, and create dangerous situations. With Nexus, you can make mobility more efficient, in the process improving citizen safety and enhancing your city’s reputation.

Urban mobility solutions

How can Nexus Technology help?

​Public transportation
Route optimization, security and surveillance

​Revenue collection
Support road tolls, check car taxes, and enforce traffic violation fines

Monitor available parking lots, detect violations, manage access control and gather data

Pedestrians & micromobility
Manage crowds and analyze mobility trends

Urban mobility graphic

Traffic management
Reduce congestion, increase traffic safety, and improve infrastructure planning

Cities benefit from applications that streamline the experience for riders. Transit times can be reduced by 15-20%, on average. Furthermore, installing IoT sensors on existing physical infrastructure can help crews fix problems before they turn into breakdowns and delays.

Road safety and incident managementraffic-in-morning-PJQCVXN_02-min.p

Road safety and incident management

Nexus Technology helps you to bring together video surveillance with cutting-edge analytics applications to deal with traffic incidents and improve pedestrian safety. Our network cameras can automatically spot road accidents, stationary vehicles, and wrong-way driving. These events prompt alerts in your control center, letting you take action and minimize disruption. Your surveillance network can also include license plate recognition software, to help identify and prosecute traffic offenders. We strive to help make your roads safer.

Traffic flow and analytics

We provide smart solutions to improve traffic flow throughout your city. Analytics software embedded in our network cameras provides real-time detection and statistics of traffic flow, average speeds, space and time headway, vehicle type, and queue length. This helps you to make smart decisions to keep traffic moving. We also make it easy to use your surveillance network to gather data, so you can use reliable traffic statistics as the basis for productive, long-term improvements to your road network and existing infrastructure. Additionally, the information generated is a useful tool as you plan future infrastructure investments.

Smart Traffic Signal Control can be a great help in both easing congestion and preventing slowdowns from happening. When vehicle congestion builds up at an intersection, traffic cameras count vehicles crossing the intersection as well as detect the length of vehicle queues in real-time. With this data, the system can adjust green and red light durations accordingly, restoring flow in all directions.

Traffic flow and analytics
Traffic Guiding Screens

Nexus Technology is also able to install Traffic Guiding Screens that help display route information near congested areas in order for drivers to get redirected to alternate routes and keep moving. The system is aided by data generated from cameras and sensors that detect queue length and traffic speed to know if a road is going smoothly or if it is jammed.

Finally, Nexus Technology’s detection technology calculates vehicle speeds, unsafe parking, wrong-way driving, pedestrians and objects in roadways, and construction for law enforcement to identify risks before issues arise.

​Command Center

Your Command Center is where data applications come together to enable traffic management teams monitor events in real-time. Advanced Vehicle Search is a powerful tool to focus on passing vehicles and extract information such as the vehicle’s make, model, color, and license plate number. This information is uploaded to a database for advanced and powerful searches using plate numbers or checkpoint information that allow for flexible combinations of vehicle attributes, time, and location criteria.

Our hardware and software integration is reflected on an interactive Traffic Report dashboard to help city officials predict trends from past patterns. Through analyzing historical and real-time traffic data, a management team can predict flow with more accuracy. 
Lastly, our Traffic Ticket Management allows you to verify violations with recorded evidence from traffic cameras that identify events such as running red lights, speeding, illegal parking, and using a phone while driving. Authorities are able to search and manually verify these violations and issue tickets accordingly with the appropriate evidence.

Traffic Command Center
Traffic Command Center

Contact us today to learn more on how we can help make your city smarter.

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